Get 20 “Primed to Pump” NFT Picks and Build the Perfect NFT Portfolio for the Market Right Now… for Just $1!

Bryce Paul
San Diego, California
I’m so excited for you…

Because you’re about to see just how much of an absolute genius Joe really is… 

He has an eye for NFTs unlike anyone I’ve ever met. Which is why after I heard his story — and felt his passion for helping others achieve a similar level of success — I did everything I could to get him on our team!

I didn’t even get a chance before to tell you about all of his wins…

So let me give you a taste of his track record so you can see just how valuable the pick we’re sending you could be:
  • He made a roughly $300 investment into a Murakami Flowers NFT which soared in value to a high of over $30,500… 
  • ​He invested $396 in the anime NFT “Muri” and sold it one day later for $1,568… 
  • ​He bought a Fewocious NFT for $4,000, and sold it for $14,500… 
  • ​He got a Nike “Shoebox” NFT for free… that quickly rose to a peak of $20,000… 
  • ​And he invested $12,000 into two RTFKT Studios NFTs, which hit a whopping price point of $180,000 each at their highs… 
Joe, our team, and I are all super excited about NFTs right now… and after getting a taste of his track record, I think you should be excited too.  

In fact, Joe and our team have recently discovered 20 NFTs in some of the hottest sectors in the NFT market today. 

And while each of these match up with the “CUSP Effect”, making them incredible investments, we’re not going to charge you a fortune to get access to them right now…

No, we’ve decided to give you instant access to these 20 additional picks… PLUS over $4,000 in extra NFT goodies… for just a single dollar!

This offer is available on this page right now, so please consider it carefully before you exit this window.

Here's everything your dollar gets you right now:


First, I’m going to give you Access to the 20 Hottest NFT Picks for the Market Right Now

(A $500 Value!)

I believe there are serious NFT gains coming… and that 2024 is going to be absolutely record breaking. So I’ve decided to do something special to help you prepare… 

If you want to get positioned for the NFT revolution right away, I’m giving you instant access to 3 brand-new NFT picks Joe and his team of experts have recently discovered. 

Because of low crypto prices (specifically Ethereum), all of these picks are “on sale” right now for a fraction of the price I believe they will ultimately end up as.

They were discovered by Joe and his in-house team of expert analysts, using his proprietary “CUSP Strategy”. The same strategy that took him from deep in debt… to being able to begin saving up money… 

And ultimately, allowed him to take his small initial investments and build a nearly million-dollar portfolio in just one year!

With these 3 picks, this is all of the work DONE FOR YOU... 

You won’t have to do a single minute of research... 

Instead, you’ll go RIGHT to what we’re investing in right now.

And remember…

These NFT picks are NOT designed exclusively for wealthy people with millions of dollars to invest…

As long as you can afford NFTs for as low as a few hundred dollars (or less), you can get in on many of the investments I recommend. 

That gives you the potential to 2X... 5X... or even 11X your money when a project takes off... 

And even occasionally land a moonshot NFT with the chance to shoot up thousands of percentage points or more.

We are going after realistic profits — with the knowledge that sometimes lightning strikes and you hit it big... 

Either way, you can use these 3 NFT picks for potentially quick flips and sometimes even weekly income through royalties... 

Or you can use them for long-term profits and wealth-building. 

But this is just the beginning of what you get when you join NFT Nation today for $1… 


Second, every month you’re going to get a new NFT Video Digest of top picks for the month! 

(A $1,500 Value!)

The second thing you’ll get is a monthly NFT Video digest from me. 

This will keep you “in the know” about the most important trends, opportunities, and breakthroughs… and give you an overview of top NFT picks for the month.

This is all you’ll need to keep up with the booming NFT market.

We built an entire team around Joe Chui in order to help him take his NFT game to the next level.

This “dream team” was built around Joe to help him analyze every potential project in the market with his “CUSP Effect”. And send all the best ones they find to our NFT Nation members through these monthly video digests!

That’s right — you’ll literally have a team of experts working full time to find you the hottest new picks in the market. 

And this team spends hundreds of combined hours sorting through just about everything going on in the NFT market… all the news… the forum threads… the chats… the social media posts… 

You know, the stuff that’s literally IMPOSSIBLE for any one person to follow…

All so that you don’t have to.

You’ll get everything you need to know in one video digest every month.


Third, you’ll get instant access to the entire NFT Nation Ultimate Video Training Library!

(A $1,000 Value!)

“Give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day… teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Look: we’ve set up NFT Nation to do all the hard work for you. You can simply watch our monthly video digests, be entertained, and discover the hottest new picks in the market every month like clockwork.

That being said, there is also tremendous value in turning you into an expert quickly… 

Which is why when you join NFT Nation today — and get instant access to our hottest new NFT picks — you’ll also get instant access to our Ultimate Video Training Library! 

This is step-by-step training designed to turn you into an NFT expert as quickly as possible… 

This video library guides you through setting up your secure NFT wallet. It shows you the best, safest wallets to use. And it helps you avoid the biggest security mistakes beginners make, so you invest 100% safely the first time.

You’ll discover other NFT marketplaces we recommend in addition to OpenSea… how to use them… and the exciting opportunities that exist on these marketplaces…

You’ll discover the two very different approaches to investing in NFTs — Joe calls this “flipping” versus “value investing” — and understand why knowing the difference is a game-changer when you invest (especially at first).

You’ll discover Joe’s best kept secrets for flipping NFTs for quick profits while… while simultaneously using value investing to build up your long-term portfolio and wealth. 

This knowledge is absolutely priceless!

And that’s not all…

In this video training library, Joe pulls back the curtains on his proprietary “CUSP Effect” system for picking winners… 

And he walks you through the exact tools he uses for assessing “rarity” and “value” step-by-step.

You’ll see why certain forms of utility are MUCH more powerful than others, especially when it comes to skyrocketing an NFT’s price…

And you’ll get Joe’s strategies for finding the best producers in the NFT industry — producers who all but guarantee a project becomes a huge home run (including hot new producers the rest of the industry doesn’t know about)... 

You’ll of course also be updated on everything else you need to know as the NFT market evolves and all the hot new opportunities that are arising. 

But this is about to get a whole lot better… 


NFT Portfolio Tracker

(A $500 Value!)

As you begin to grow your NFT Portfolio with all these amazing opportunities…

You’ll want to easily organize all your NFTs and see exactly how much your NFTs are worth in real-time.

That’s where Joe’s NFT Portfolio Tracker comes in... 

With this tracker, you’ll be able to track your current portfolio size and worth across multiple wallets... monitor changes... and always know exactly where you stand with all your holdings.

This is the simplest, easiest way to manage your ever-growing NFT portfolio as its value increases. 

And becomes absolutely critical if your portfolio passes $100,000! 

Last but certainly not least… 


The CUSP Effect Checklist

(A $500 Value!)

We want to support you in all your NFT endeavors 100%… so…

On top of all the NFT picks you’ll get in NFT Nation… week after week…

There may be times when you discover an NFT yourself that you may want to invest in.

We want you to make the absolute best purchasing decisions possible... which is why I’m also going to give you our proprietary and secret... 

CUSP Effect Checklist! 

Simply run through this checklist before pulling the trigger on ANY purchase to greatly improve your odds of making a more profitable trade…

And avoid any costly mistakes.

The Total Value of this Package is $4,000!

Now, I don't want to charge people $4,000 for all of this because our goal is to get this into the hands of as many people as possible. 

So you can profit from the NFT market explosion I and many other top experts believe is quickly approaching!

I asked my team to break it into monthly payments and make it far easier for people to get involved.

My team came back with the figure of $297/month…

And while I believe everything you’re getting is easily worth that amount (and likely many, many times more), in my opinion, that number was still too high! 

So, I’ve decided to make this an absolute no-brainer for you.
That’s why first, I’m going to give you instant access to everything on this page for seven days for just $1.
Ultimately, the price for NFT Nation will be $49.95/month. However, since we are launching this to our community for the first time, you have the chance today to join the “founding class”.

This means that after your seven day trial for $1, you can continue on as a member for just $44/month! 

But right now, we want to let you get your hands on everything for just a dollar. 

That's including our new list of 3 red-hot NFT picks for today’s market... right now! 

And our latest NFT Video Digest… right now!

You can get instant access to our ultimate training video library to discover Joe’s best kept NFT secrets… right now! 

Plus the NFT Portfolio Tracker and CUSP Effect Checklist… you guessed it… right now!

This is all backed by our 30-day guarantee. If at any point within the first month you’re unhappy with your NFT Nation membership, simply send us an email and we’ll refund you 100%. Plus you can keep the hot NFT picks we’ve already sent you!

That's how confident we are that you are going to LOVE all of this:


  • List of Hot New NFT Picks + Step-by-Step Guide to Safely Add Them to Your Portfolio - $500 Value
  • ​ Monthly NFT Video Digests (Get new NFT picks every month! Stay “in the know” about the most important trends, opportunities, and breakthroughs) -  $1,500 Value
  • The NFT Nation Ultimate Video Training Library (Step-by-step training & done-for-you blueprint for profiting from NFTs from A-to-Z)  - $1,000 Value
And you will also get…
  • The NFT Portfolio Tracker (Track your current portfolio size and worth across multiple wallets... monitor changes... and know where you stand at all times.) - $500 Value
  • ​The "CUSP Effect" Checklist (Use this to make smart choices when choosing NFT investments on your own behalf) - $500 Value


You Pay: $1 today… 
and then just $297 $44.95/month! 



Act now to claim your discount and see our top new picks!

We're making all this available because conditions in the market are absolutely perfect right now for NFTs… and we don’t want you to miss out. This is easily a value of $297/month, but by acting now you claim a massive discount and get everything for just $1 for seven days… and then $44.95/month! 

If at any point within the 30 days you’re unhappy with your membership, simply message us and we will refund you no questions asked. And you can keep the hot NFT picks we’ve already sent you! 

Please do not share this page with anyone. We are very strict about keeping this group exclusive. This is to keep the quality of the group as high as possible, and make sure the ratio of experts to students is favorable for NFT Nation members.


You cancel your membership anytime by contacting
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